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Mid Argyll Music Festival

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Monday, 14 March to Saturday 19th March, 2016.

Information about this year's Music Festival can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant links below:

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Festival photos by kind permission of Argyllshire Advertiser


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2015 WINNERS!!  PLEASE RETURN ALL  TROPHIES BY 21ST FEB Contact: Karen Welch 01546 60 3980  

           or Fiona MacDonald  07788251038

Please note that TROPHIES cannot be awarded to winners of classes unless they attain 85 or more marks.  This is in accordance with Federation Rule no. 8 in your syllabus. As members of the Federation, we can assure you that every competitor is judged on a National standard and the winning of a trophy is an honour in reward of a deserving performance. Teachers and parents, please share this information with children. Thank you!

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All own choice titles and music before 21 FEB, 2016. please.

Entries submitted without titles of pieces will not be eligible for a mark.

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